I have completed about 10 surveys for them. Well i kept checking because I knew there would be enough points for a cash out and it kept saying I have no history of taking surveys even after like 2 months of taking them.

I emailed them and she said they have history of me doing 2 surveys so they would credit me for those only. I'm done with them. I have wasted so much time doing so many surveys to be jipped on most of them. Plus I didn't know it was Paypal payment only.

Forget that, I don't want them have any access to my Paypal, plus I don't like Paypal.

They allowed some person to scam 6000$ from EBAY by selling iPads on my account then when it was all over, they refused to refund any money, locked my account and took 2000$ from my bank account. No Paypal and no ACOP fo rme!

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